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Workshop 'Clausal Complementation: Current Perspectives', Rutgers

Date: October 03, 2014

October 3, 2014

10 am to 5 pm

Room 108, Linguistics Department, Rutgers University

18 Seminary Place New Brunswick NJ 08901


Organizer: Jane Grimshaw

Please contact Jane if you would like to have access to the reading (



9.30            Coffee etc 

10.00          Miok Pak (George Washington), Paul Portner (Georgetown), Raffaella Zanuttini (Yale):

                                'The speaker and addressee in embedded imperatives'

11.30          Itamar Kastner (NYU):

              'What it means to be a direct object: Lessons from presupposition'

1-2               Lunch

2.00            Keir Moulton (Simon Fraser):

               'Transparency and Clause Size: what the pseudo-relative tells us about embedding

               and attitudes

3.30            Friederike Moltmann (CNRS/NYU):

                               'Cognitive, Illocutionary, and modal products