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Workshop 'Twardowski 'Actions and Products'', Paris

Date: January 24, 2014

Workshop on Twardowski 'Actions and Products

organized by Friederike Moltmann and Wioletta Miskiewicz (CNRS, Archives e-LV)

January 24, 2014

 IHPST, 13 rue du Four, 75006 Paris


Jens Cavallin (Stockholm):  'Mind, Product and Being.Twardowski on Formal Ontology'
Jacques Dubucs (SND) : 'Twardowski on Sharing Meaning'
Wioletta Miskiewicz : 'Genesis of the Actions and Products Theory'
Friederike Moltmann: 'The Distinction between Actions and Products as an Ontological Distinction'
Maria van der Schaar (Leyde): 'Im Anfang war die Tat; on the Logical Priority of the Act'
Mark Textor (King's CollegeLondon): 'Some Reflections on § 44 of "Actions and Products" or Assertoric Force
and Artefact'

Invited participants: Peter Simons (Dublin) et Göran Sundholm (Leyde).