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Handouts of my lectures at the Hamburg Summer School on Truthmakers, July 2019

Posted On: August 09, 2019

These lectures present a development of truthmaker semantics according to which the truthmaking relation holds not just between situations or actions and sentences, but also between situations or actions and modal and attitudinal objects, such as obligations, permissions, needs, claims, judgments, requests, décisions, and promises. The first handout presents new motivations for object-based truthmaker semantics from differences among predicates of truth, correctness, and satisfaction and proposes a new, normative account of the notion of direction of fit. The second handout develops an object-based truthmaker semantics of attitude reports and modal sentences. The third handout discusses some new and some very old arguments for the involvement of truthmaking in the semantics of intensional transitive verbs.

Handout 1

Handout 2

Handout 3