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New draft of a paper 'Levels of Ontology and Natural Language: the Case of the Ontology of Parts and Wholes'.

Posted On: February 13, 2020

'Levels of Ontology and Natural Laguage: The Case of the Ontology of Parts and Wholes'.  Final version to appear in J. Miller (ed.): The Language of Ontology. Oxford University Press, Oxford.

Abstract: It is common in contemporary metaphysics to distinguish two levels of ontology: the ontology of ordinary objects and the ontology of fundamental reality. This papers argues that natural language reflects not only the ontology of ordinary objects, but also a language-driven ontology, which is involved in the mass-count distinction and part-structure-sensitive semantic selection, as well as perhaps the light ontology of pleonastic entities. The paper recasts my older theory of situated part structures without situations, making use of a primitive notion of unity.