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New paper 'Truth Predicates, Truth Bearers, and their Variants'

Posted On: April 20, 2018

'Truth Predicates, Truth Bearers, and their Variants'. To appear in the special issue 'The Concept/Property Distinction in Truth Theory', edited by N. Pedersen and J. Wyatt, Synthese.

Abstract: This paper argues that truth predicates and their variants, predicates of correctness, satisfaction and validity, do not apply to propositions (not even with that-clauses), but to a range of attitudinal and modal objects. As such natural language reflects a notion of truth that is primarily a normative notion of correctness constitutive of representational objects. The paper moreover argues that true is part of a larger class of satisfaction predicates whose semantic differences are best accounted for in terms of a truthmaker theory along the lines of Fine's recent truthmaker semantics.