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'Objects and Attitudes' (OUP, forthcoming), prefinal versions of the chapters

Prefinal versions of the chapters of my forthcoming book are now posted here: 

Objects and Attitudes. Oxford University Press, forthcoming

Abstract: This book pursues an approach to sentence meaning on which sentences (independent and embedded) semantically act as predicates of various attitudinal and modal objects, entities like claims, requests, promises, obligations, and permissions, rather than standing for abstract propositions playing the role of objects. The approach has a wide range of applications to issues in philosophy of language, semantics, and philosophy of mind.

Table of Contents


Chapter 1: A New Approach to the Semantics of Attitude Reports and Modal Sentences

Chapter 2: The Ontology of Attitudinal and Modal Objects

Chapter 3: Object-Based Truthmaker Semantics, Norms of Truth and Direction of Fit

Chapter 4: Object-Based Truthmaker Semantics for Modals

Chapter 5: The Syntax and Semantics of Basic Attitude Reports

Chapter 6: Levels of Linguistic Acts and the Semantics of Saying and Quoting

Chapter 7: Clauses in Functions other than as Predicates of Attitudinal or Modal Objects

Chapter 8: Conclusion and Outlook on Further Developments